I started Luminations in 2003 as a lunch hour exercise while working in Japan. Luminations certainly had some early ups, such as interviews with Chris Murray and Bill Marsh (where are you now, Bill?), and my effort at answering Kent Johnson\’s Poetic Architecture: 11 Quizzes. The fairly regular blog-writing of Luminations came to a pause and then almost a stop when I moved from Tokyo to Iowa City to start work on a Ph.D. in English Literature at The University of Iowa. I gave up the office for a shot at academia – little did I suspect at the time the other sacrifices I would have to make. Luminations was a significant one. It’s now 2012. I bought jikkenkobo.org soon after I lost my editorial position at The Iowa Review Web. The plan was to start a web publication with a more overt political agenda, yet still focusing on the things that made TIRW a go-to website: electronic literature and intermedia. Design of jikkenkobo has been slow and I expect it to be in the works for a few more months at least – probably until the summer of 2009. One reason for this is my commitment to my other editorial position at factorial.org, where I have the great honor of working under poet and translator (not to mention, friend) Sawako Nakayasu, and the redesign of that site. In the meantime, I hope to revive Luminations here, away from blogspot, and at least associated with jikkenkobo.